susan diana harris interior design, SF

susan diana harris
combines her degrees* with her love for art, the built environment, and the people who experience it. Susan started our design firm while in art school in 2004. Before that, she interned at the European Parliament in Brussels, studied urbanism in Havana, lived in Nürnberg and Aix-en-Provence, and managed website overhauls in Washington, D.C. "To meet people and see color," was Susan's only agenda while traveling through India for 5 weeks in 2013. Her aesthetic is touched by travels near and far. She values life, not things. Outlets: Vinyasa yoga, dance, and foreign languages.
 *B.F.A. in Interior Architecture and Design, Academy of Art; B.A. in Political Science and International Studies, Virginia Tech, magna cum laude; Phi Beta Kappa.

modern spaces for homeowners

rachel damiano
deftly coordinates contractors, designers, clients, and vendors without breaking a sweat, thanks to 7 years in the field upon earning her degree from San Francisco State in Interior Design. Crafty: custom installations and creating with found objects. Design turn-ons: function, contrast, and unconventional reuse. Domestic joys: thrifting for milk glass and veined stoneware; and tending to her plants after they've been "re-potted" by her cat (daily).
kendall bair
project lead
curates each and every little detail - the very details that make our designs special. Through tracking all incoming and outgoing goodies, Kendall makes our clients’ lives easier and also helps vendors perform optimally. Reads: The NewYorker, Wikipedia, Bon Appétit and various humor. Tracks: fashion trends, camping trails, and recipe challenges.

start with us!

one-stop shop

We're a remodel + addition one-stop shop thanks to an alliance with an engineering + architectural drafting service team.

Design first.

save money

Most people save weeks and thousands of dollars by starting with the design.

established 2004

Have a design that pays you every year.

usable investment

Knock out the design and get living in a space that works for years, even decades. Remodels ARE inexpensive when done beautifully the first time.

Get more tips.

san francisco chronicle's 'stylemaker'

Homeowner tips including "Good buys" and going green here.

wowing kitchens

Power ambiance with light.

furniture is secondary

Layered lighting affects moods - wind down or amp up with multiple sources of light.

Establish consistent vision.

additions + decks

Proportion, tactile materials, and crafted light inside AND out are key to a unified home design.

DIY = nights, weekends + holidays

Avoid redos: Design for 2019.

renovation, new construction + remodel

Careful space planning and timeless cabinetry, hardware, fixtures, and finishes stand the test of time literally and figuratively.

Achieve expression.

collaborate with artisans

Anything can be created with the help of a unified design. Today commissioning local, domestic, and international artisans is easier than ever.

Buy the feelings you want.

personal color styling

Use strategic color to invigorate, relax, impress, welcome, inspire, and soothe.

choose your environment

make it healthy

Have space and money.

custom furniture

A thoughtfully custom piece can serve multiple purposes: storage, light, reflection, interest, warmth.

make it beautiful

Get spaces that help your life.

intentional space planning

Asking better questions will change your life: Where do you work best? In the sunshine? In the dark? Must your feet be up in order to focus?

Avoid frustration: Plan ahead.

small spaces + studios

Small spaces have bigger challenges to consider: low furniture, mirrors, glass, artistic storage.

Look like a million bucks.

design WITH the architecture

Focus on buying items that work with the architecture. Consider consoles shorter than the window sills. Use the colors of the construction. Choose one focal point only! ... a light, a piece of furniture or a piece of art.

Have twice the space with mirrors.


Mirrors and shiny finishes on furniture, trim and accents play with depth and perception.

be happy when you come home

Have assurance with a clear picture.

instant feedback

Homeowners that use 3D tools, such as Google SketchUp, save thousands of dollars. 3D designs and renderings will help discover permit issues, develop details, and avoid costly mistakes and overpurchasing.

get permits with drawings

Have every room be your favorite.

leave no room behind

Turn a hallway into a "drop zone." Revitalize dark basements with custom storage. Make a tech-free library, or a brainstorming room complete with whiteboard paint walls.

Make everyone happy!

aesthetics for two(+)

Sort out what's more important to each person with clear questions. How will you entertain? How will you focus? Where will you create? Where will all of those shoes go???

timeless isn't trendy

Get a layout that serves you.

let go of preconceived room use

Many have dramatic success redefining what a room "should be." Use the best rooms for what you love doing. Move walls for large Thanksgiving meals. Combine closests in to a master-master-bath!

Get peace!

say no to tschotskes

Buying high quality details reduces the feeling of needing things. Select accents that blend in with the architecture, sculptural pieces that make the room all on their own, and artistic element that speak to your personality - these will make you smile for years to come.

committed vision produces outstanding remodels

Get a custom look even if you rent.

make it home

Landlords' restrictions offer welcome challenges when addressed creatively: adorn floors with handcrafted rugs, swag lighting until it's perfect, and line walls with storage that blends in and adds lighting.

Use natural light.

custom window treatments

Many buy window treatments too early. For a finished, warm look, chose while designing the space. Select textiles before choosing paint colors. Coordinate hardware that melds into the room or stands out boldly.

design in phases for "wins" along the way!

home T(ec)H

*beta app

We're located mid-Market for a reason. WE LOVE TECH. Use apps, drafting programs, social media and online resources to fine tune the few remaining "analog" areas of your life.

Sleep easy. No nightmares.

the other 'code'

Complying with building codes may make guests, HOAs, and insurance companies happy. Future buyers just may thank you, too. Avoid costly re-dos. Refer to applicable building codes for guardrail and lighting heights, shower stall dimensions, paths of egress, Title 24 requirements, and many other life- and energy-saving practices.

Be unique with committed artisans.

local craftsmanship

See your vision with the help of cabinetmakers, stonemasons, glaziers, carpenters, seamstresses, upholsterers, painters, and metalworkers.